Changes to your personality and needs this year are subtle and yet significant, dear Scorpio. For one, you're more willing to learn from others and to accept support offered. For another, your tastes in romance, recreation, and the arts are slowly but surely refining and blossoming. Relationships continue to figure strongly in your life this year. You are finding more joy in others, and they are more responsive to your needs. Partnership opportunities increase, particularly until June, in direct proportion to your generosity of spirit. Romance and casual relationships are unusual and exciting. The last quarter of the year brings less focus on pleasure and socializing. Increased personal responsibilities are likely with Saturn's entry into your sign, where it will transit until 2015. It's a time for keeping a lower profile and working on solid, long-term goals. Getting your life into order is the focus now. You'll be tending to those things you've left unfinished or neglected - matters that suddenly become pressing at this time. It would be wise to prepare for this cycle that begins in October by carefully considering practical responsibilities that you've let slide and tending to them, slowly but surely, so that you are not overwhelmed. In 2012, there is likely to be increased attention to alternative health methods and lifestyles. Keeping daily life running smoothly (busy but not hectic is the goal) can be a challenge. While you're likely to find that financial support is easier to come by than usual this year, you will need to carefully watch your spending and borrowing habits. This comes more naturally from October forward. While the last quarter of 2012 can bring some sobering realities into your life, it's also a period conducive to turning dreams into reality, particularly creative ones. Your personality toughens up, but your powers of persuasion run high.


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