Since late 2009, Saturn has been occupying your sign, dear Libra. In October of this year, Saturn moves out of Libra. This influence has been sobering at times. Libras have been learning to fend for themselves, and in the process, they may be a little aloof and introspective, and certainly less spontaneous. This year, a stronger, more realistic, and more mature "you" emerges. From January 23-April 13, there can be a lot of focus on the past to the point of feeling stuck there. Jupiter's entrance into compatible Air sign, Gemini, in June, will help lift you out. Saturn leaving your sign in October can also bring about a feeling that a weight has been lifted. In the second half of 2012, you're likely to be more outgoing than you have been. This year, you are building strength and balance. The path to greatest fulfillment is through flexibility, communicating effectively, and finding a balance that includes your own needs. Libras are known for putting others' needs ahead of their own, particularly those of a partner, and 2012 brings opportunities to strike a balance between your own needs and those of others. Be as clear as possible in your communications. Taking action is necessary, but you need to be conscious of what you are doing, not simply reacting to pressure from others and circumstances. Take the time to learn what it is you truly want. While personal income may be up and down much of the year, other sources of money and support are strong. By October, you'll be in the position to restructure spending and saving habits. Committed relationships require more freedom. Resist the temptation to try to control a partner, but afford yourself as much freedom as you give to others. More casual love relationships are likely to be exciting and colorful. The last quarter of the year is excellent for family relations and matters related to the home. Some of you could discover your dream job, possibly working from home. All of your efforts towards restructuring and organizing your life begin to truly pay off.

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