You are building your skills set in the first half of 2012, dear Virgo, and you blossom in the second half. The last quarter of 2012 should be especially strong with Jupiter in the foreground of your solar chart and both Saturn and Pluto in favorable aspect to your sign. Nevertheless, watch that you balance your attention when it comes to different areas of your life. Virgos can be so caught up in their career, projects, or outer image this year that order around the home might slide. When it comes to love in 2012, October is excellent for both partnerships and more casual romances. December is a close second. Yes, Neptune is now casting a veil of confusion over partnership matters, but it's also in its own terms - where it belongs - in your partnership sector. Some of you will meet very dreamy, almost surreal partners during its long transit. Money matters in 2012 can be a little tricky at times, as it can be difficult to rely on sources from others, and many of you could feel that you have to work harder on generating an income to compensate for this instability. Two periods that prompt you to review and reassess money matters are January 23-April 13 and May 15-June 27. From January to June, Jupiter smiles on you favorably, dear Virgo, helping you to treat minor inconveniences with a positive attitude and boosting your morale. Fiery, assertive Mars provides you with extra motivation, energy, and power to move forward with personal plans until July. You could surprise those around you who are used to a demure, conciliatory approach to life. You are learning to go after what you want. Take advantage of this time to learn as much as possible so that when Jupiter moves to the very top of your solar chart in June, you'll be able to take advantage of the career opportunities that are likely to come your way. You'll also feel more deserving of the recognition you receive then and through to mid-2013.

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