2012 is a year of hard work and accomplishment for you, dear Capricorn, but it's not all about career and responsibilities, thankfully! While work challenges you all year, you experience more joy taking care of business in the second half of 2012. This comes as a relief, as there has been some stress in this area in recent years. Jupiter continues to bring fullness to your life in the areas of recreation, romance, and creativity until June. Many opportunities arise for you to go out and enjoy yourself. For most Caps, this period is about rediscovering the child within. Jupiter moves to your work and health sector in June, and this transit brings more opportunities for work (possibly even a little too many!) and more interest in, and enjoyment of, health routines, self-care improvements, and work projects. The North Node in the sign behind yours until August advises you to get more rest and to take time from your busy schedule to recoup now and then. Don't push yourself too hard, and don't neglect your more spiritual needs as you pursue other goals. From August forward, it will be important to pay more attention to friends and associates. Recognize their support and establish yourself as a team player. Home life may be on the unsettled or hectic side in 2012. Some of you will move or redecorate, or feel as if your current living conditions are somehow impermanent. Financial insecurities this year need to be dealt with, and ultimately lead to improved attitudes and strategies for managing money. Some of you will be working in a family business or with family, and some will be working from home. More money might be invested in home and family this year. Pluto challenges Capricorns born December 27-31 to take a look deep within for buried treasures. In the process, there could be some uncomfortable discoveries, as you uncover facets of your personality that you haven't yet accepted or even acknowledged. The last quarter of the year brings strong opportunities to express yourself, promote an idea, or to push a project. Turning a long-standing dream into a reality is what this period is about.


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