Jupiter continues to bring fullness to your inner world, family, and home life this year, dear Aquarius. You are expanding your feelings of comfort and warmth within yourself, and with family members. Some of you could be literally expanding your family, welcoming new "additions". From June forward, new opportunities to truly enjoy yourself through recreation, hobbies, and other amusements are likely to come your way. Romantic opportunities expand as well. You'll discover new outlets to express yourself creatively and playfully. For some of you, a friendship could turn into something more, or friends can be integral in exposing you to a new hobby, different and exciting forms of recreation, or romantic opportunities. Shared finances require extra attention in the first half of 2012, when much energy is spent sorting them out. The last quarter brings a rather sudden focus on professional matters - an area of life that has been less important for many of you in recent years. You'll have Saturn urging you to discipline yourself in your professional life, and Neptune spiritualizing your attitude towards money and possessions. These two influences might seem to conflict with one another, but you have the opportunity to make them work. Creative projects might be monetized or you could be bringing more imagination and creativity into the work you do. With the North Node in your career sector from September forward, and then Saturn there starting in October, circumstances will conspire to remind you of the importance of structure, responsibility, and reputation in your life. It's time to realign your goals with what's inside. Many of you will be making changes in the coming years so that your career path better reflects the principles closest to your heart. Love tends to be exciting in 2012, although June might bring some backtracking. In June, watch that you don't set yourself up for a disappointment with both love and money. Neptune leaves your sign for good (in this lifetime) early this year, and you're regaining a stronger sense of purpose and clarity. Energy levels should be stronger than they have been in recent years. 2012 brings more joie de vivre and the rekindling of passions and inspiration into your life.


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