Your interests continue to diversify in 2012, dear Pisces. You're filled with ideas, particularly on a professional level. While this is generally a positive thing, by July you are more able to focus on one or two pet projects and ideas, and this contributes to sense of feeling more settled. Fullness is brought to your domestic life from June forward, and until mid-2013. This period is strong for investing in your home and in real estate, with the exception of June itself, when idealism can cloud judgment. You might move to a bigger, more appealing, or convenient residence, or improve your home in significant ways, whether this involves physical redecorating and new possessions, or a stronger focus on improving your living conditions. More joy is experienced with family and in the home environment. Your attitude towards domestic life and family improves. Some of you will be working at home or working in home- or domestic-related industries. In October, Saturn moves into a harmonious angle to your sign, and this brings a stronger feeling of stability into your life. It also helps you focus on practical matters and meet responsibilities promptly. You feel on top of your life at this time, particularly with steady Saturn in harmonious angle to your ruler, Neptune, as well. The last quarter of the year is also strong for work in teams and for cementing friendships. Until October, Saturn continues to bring some structure and possibly restrictions to your intimate world and your shared finances. There can be some concerns about debts, loans, benefits, or a partner's income during this time. Financial ups and downs in general this year ultimately lead you to discover unique and creative ways to make and manage money. Neptune, your ruler, is now solidly in your sign starting in February, and this influence brings your imagination, idealism, and spirituality to the surface. Neptune is in its own terms, and this is a personally powerful position. Partnering can be rocky but also highly stimulating until July. There is work to do in your one-to-one relationships in the first half of 2012. Friendships can be up and down as well, although they tend to straighten out in the last quarter of the year.


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