Bright eye shadows managed to talk the style-conscious public into wearing eye-catching looks. Indeed celebrities make no exception when it comes of the orange eye make up trend 2010. Those who would like to sport one of the must have hues of the season should definitely enrich their make up tone kit with the endless shade of the cheerful orange color. Learn how to accentuate your glimpse in a few steps and offer a real example on how to nail down the latest make up trends. 

This year we had the chance to get insight into the huge popularity of smoky eyes make up . Indeed why
not create it also in orange, this would be the ultimate tendency also adopted by celebrities in order to immortalize their glimpse at special events. There's no need to restrict yourself to the darker tones when you have the chance also to sport some of the bright orange tones paired with the cute orange lips trend or the nude lips make up style. These all wouldn't require more than a few minutes to prepare your skin as well as the actual application. From the out-of-this-world looks to the more natural designs all will be available when taking a glimpse at the runway collections. Make up artists managed to come up with endless ideas on how to rock the orange eye make up trend 2010. 

  • The first stage as in the case of all make up styles it to prepare the field for the application of various products. A flawless complexion is the best guarantee to have success with your look. Therefore use a natural looking foundation shade  and also a concealer that would help you mask the various skin flaws as acne scars and pimples.

  • Play with the tones and make sure these complement your natural skin color. The application should be uniform and profound in order to have a spotless appearance. In order to secure the long lasting effect of your eye make up you can also apply a thin layer of primer. This will bring out the color as well as the brightness of your glimpse.

  • Use a black or orange eyeliner to highlight the shape and also correct if necessary of your eyes. Both the black as well as more intense shades would be able to set the basis of your chic eye make up.

  • Those who long for orange smokey eyes should go for the black alternative as it would look stunning when paired with deep and more vibrating orange tones. It is a must to tackle both the lower lash line as well as the upper one. This would pave the way for a voguish look. Use a flat-topped make up brush or a cotton swab to slightly smudge the too defined lines.

  • For a sultry look make sure you apply the darker and more profound shades to the crease area. This would emphasize the shape and size of your eyes.The darker orange tone or copper and other deep tones placed on this spot would add some depth and dimension to your glimpse.

  • Use the proper make up brush to define the eyes and choose the colors you would like to use in order to create a more summerish or night-time orange eye make up. Start from the outer corners of the eyes and head towards the inside gently and with precision.Both pastel as well as sheer shades would look fabulous in this combo.The more prominent you would like to have your eyes the higher you can go on the crease with the upper and darker layer.

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