Though men represent the majority among the famous designers, they create their collections mainly for women. Only some decades ago men began to pay as much attention to their clothes as women did. It happened under the influence of David Beckham, Georges Kluni and Johnny Depp, who followed their own style, which dictated other men how to dress and which clothes to wear to look fashionable.

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Nowadays men's fashion is not limited by any item of clothing, which is at hand when he needs to put on something. Modern stylish men actively participate in creation and development of new fashionable trends and carefully choose their clothes and accessories. It is not surprising that recently designers have paid less attention to creation of stylish men's collections of clothes and footwear. But now, men shoe trends replace each other rather frequently in the world of men's fashion.


If we turn our attention to the latest collections, we can notice that new fashion trends in men’s footwear seem to be rather controversial. For example, espadrilles, offered by many designers, will be suitable for men to wear in spring and summer, although they are traditionally considered to be women’s footwear. But these comfortable sandals with a rope sole have become one of key trends in footwear for spring/summer 2010 and have appeared in Ralph Lauren, Prada, Armani, Cole Haan, Toms collections.

Patent leather shoes

New season in fashion will be marked by any accessories, made of patent leather, but elegant leather shoes will represent the real style. Due to the decent, aristocratic shine of patent leather such shoes can be combined with any clothes and you can wear them on any occasion, including official meetings with the strictest dress-code. According to standard rules you should balance the shine of the patent leather with quiet tones in clothes. Such shoes you can find in Prada, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Brutini collections.


Slippers and sandals are aimed to wear in summer and provide enough comfort, which is appreciated by all the men. They are convenient for casual style and everyday wear. The best models of slippers for spring/summer 2010 are offered by Rocket Dog, Cobian, Salvador, Tommy Bahama and Chaco.

2010 men sandals trend


Jandals will represent the hottest trend in men’s footwear for this season. If you see a man, wearing jandals on his feet you will realize at once that he follows the fashion. These comfortable sandals you’d better wear with jeans or shirts when going for a walk or visiting a party in the open air.

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes will be among the trends in footwear for spring/summer 2010. They will help you to create a style of traveler, which now takes the leading positions in the world of fashion and attracts designers’ attention. The most stylish will be tennis shoes of bright colors and with shiny pastes from Puma, Nike, Adidas collections.

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