Every twelve years or so, Jupiter transits one of the twelve zodiac signs typically for about a year. This happens for you starting in June of 2012 and running until June 2013, dear Gemini, and represents a positive new beginning for you. Your confidence increases many times over, and your ability to attract who and what you want into your life is strong. You are likely to find that a current partner or significant other seems quite supportive of your efforts towards self-improvement, and has your better interests at heart. Single Geminis will likely enjoy more opportunities to partner during this cycle. Many of you will begin a destined relationship this year or the next. Your path of greatest fulfillment this year involves learning to avoid habitual reactions and responses, and recognizing your need to cooperate. Avoid avoidance! As well, you're being urged by the cosmos to make contact and to try not to fall back on an independent stance. Cooperate, negotiate, and enjoy the benefits these bring. From October forward, organizing your daily routines and meeting responsibilities head-on will be especially important. Romantic relationships continue to be serious and perhaps a little routine as well, and this long-term influence lifts in October. Until then, some of you may be questioning whether romantic love is worth the effort, but many of you will be solidifying relationships. When Venus retrogrades in your sign from May 15-June 27, you are likely to be focused on past relationships rather than pushing forward socially. Friendships are exciting but a little unstable this year, as clashes in values may surface. Until mid-year, there can be a sense that you're living for others, as you often place others' needs ahead of your own. The second half of the year brings strong energy for moving forward and grabbing opportunities to advance your interests.


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