Getting serious about relationships figures strongly in 2012, dear Cancer. Some of you will find, or have recently found, a partner close to home. From October forward, commitment becomes a hot topic. Relationships that don't live up to their potential are likely to be questioned. Some of you will be dealing with gossip or outside pressures. In fact, you can feel quite a bit of pressure coming from many angles this year, including from family, career, and partners, and the urge to rebel and go your own way can be exceptionally strong. You may feel pulled in different directions, and it can be hard to find a balance and to fill your own personal needs. However, family pressures and difficulties around the home are likely to decrease in the last quarter of the year. You continue to find joy through group associations and friendships in the first half of 2012. You can make some wonderful friends through your work and health and fitness routines. Alternatively, friends can be instrumental in finding work for you. The pace of your daily life is quick and sometimes hectic at this point in your life. Dealing with the past figures strongly from May forward - some of you could find yourselves stuck there, emotionally speaking! The inner hermit in you can be stimulated at this point, and you could find that you're making some sacrifices (quite willingly) for others. You are not necessarily unsociable at this time, but rather you're quite content to do your own thing. The key to fulfillment is to recognize and honor your spiritual path as well as your need for alone time and reflection, but to avoid neglecting your responsibilities in the process. Increasingly, you're finding the need to bring more creativity and less routine to your career. Past loves can reappear, whether they do so in the flesh or memories fill your mind, in May and June. Love may be complicated because of this, and you will need to decide whether or not they're in your past for good reason.


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