Frida Giannini
Frida Giannini played with vibrant colors and fur for Gucci fall collection. She described her designs as being 'hippie chic', I would say it was a typical Gucci style, with a lot of glamour and sophistication. Frida Giannini instrumented silhouettes from the forties to seventies. The designer was touched by Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence, who likes to wear beautiful clothes and by the Machine, she used that experience for this collection. Gucci woman likes to be mysterious, yet still being noticed with an old movie allure. Frida Giannini had several different takes on the bright colors and stirred them together in uncommon way: purple was worn over red, rose over gray, orange over brown and etc. Gucci garments were exuberant and well-tailored like long-haired goat jacket in jade green, which was worn with blue blouse, blue velvet jacket with gray culottes. The fur was brightly colored, it took the stage by storm, every look had it, except for the evening gowns. The collection had another layer to it with fur jackets, fur collars, fur vests and fur bolero. Frida Giannini tailored plenty of ready-to-wear clothes such as fluid wide-legged pants in green, violet and white, tie-neck blouses in orange and teal, shirtdresses. For the evening, Frida Giannini decided to go with the traditional jacket with a stole of different shapes in silk flowers, each petal was hand-painted and hand-sewn. Gucci sheer gowns were very lovely worn with over briefs. Frida Giannini revealed how to wear a small chic bag for the day in a new way paired with a bigger one. Gucci fedoras brought back an old glamour charm, our mothers and grandmothers used to enjoy while they looked beautiful and chic sporting that style.

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