The Italian brand's summer collection reveals fresh, youthful looks with lots of worn denim and check shirts for a chic yet casual style. Check out this new Replay line...

For her, Replay combine a feminine, casual style with tomboy touches, a perfect sexy yet understated look for the self-assured woman. We like their ankle jeans, ultra-white leggins, hotpants dungarees and floral-print dresses.

For him, the Italian brand took inspiration from retro-style denim looks, to create casual, youthful garments like worn leather jackets, waistcoats, check shirts and worn jeans.

The fun ad campaign photos bring us back to long summmer evenings. The modeling cast is Emily DiDonato, Jon Kortajarena, Erin Wasson and Texas Olsson, while the photography is the work of Chad Pitman.

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