Cleopatra was the infamous queen of the Nile. Her beauty was celebrated in movies, books and inspire people to take on her persona for Halloween celebrations. Cleopatra’s signature look consisted of a thick wedge of bangs and dramatic, heavy eye makeup. Below, learn how to make yourself up to honor this woman’s timeless beauty and grace.

Instructions - Step by step

1  Apply foundation. Creating the perfect skin tone is key in any Cleopatra costume. Apply your regular foundation and use powder to set it. If you have a light complexion, it will be necessary that you use a bronzer. If you have a dark complexion, there is no need to apply bronzer. Apply bronzer to your skin so that you have a tan looking complexion.

2  Apply the base eye shadow. Use a light brown eyes shadow as the base for your eye makeup. Apply the shadow evenly over your lid making sure that the product is generously applied.

3  Create a smoky effect. Using the dark brown or black eye shadow, contour the crease of your eye. Apply the darker shade generously because you want to create a somewhat smoky look. Make sure you blend the eye shadow properly.

4  Add a pop of color. In order to give your look a more glamorous edge, use your blue or green eye shadow to add a pop of color to your eye makeup. You don’t want to drown out the smoky look you have already created. Instead, you want to give it a slight hint of color.

5  Line your eye. Cleopatra’s eyeliner was a significant part of her look. Her look was based on a dramatic look and winged eyeliner. Line your eyes carefully with the liquid liner. Extend the line about ¼ of an inch past your actual eye. You are trying to create a larger eye. Repeat this step on your bottom lash line.

6  Apply falsies. In order to complete your eye makeup, it is essential that you apply false eyelashes. Try your eyelashes on before you apply the eyelash glue. If you need to make any adjustments to the length now is the time to do so. Once your eyelashes are ready, apply the glue on the strip and carefully apply the lashes. Try to move the lashes into position before the glue dries.

7  Apply lipstick. For Cleopatra’s look it’s important to have a reddish colored lipstick. Rather than a bright red, you want to use a crimson colored lipstick. Line your lips and then apply your crimson lipstick. You look is complete!
Tips & Warnings

    * Use thick and long fake eyelashes. This will create a much more dramatic look.
    * Don’t go too bright with the red lipstick. If the color is too bright it will look clownish.

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