Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day of Love and Romance. No doubt, Valentine’s Day is the most special day of the year for every couple in love. People celebrate this special day by spending romantic evening with their partners. As February 14 swiftly approaches, girls all over the world start searching for most striking red outfit for valentine’s day party.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about red dress. Along with sexy dress, glamorous shoes and beautiful makeup; alluring nail art is also must in order to achieve a perfect look.

Valentine-themed designs that go along with romantic moods add a romantic touch to one’s overall look. The most popular colors for a Valentine’s Day is red and pink. Nail art with soft pinks and seductive red looks fresh, romantic and dazzling.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get in the mood with “love colors” like reds, pinks and purples. When you want to create a fresh, pretty and particularly romantic look, red is the right choice. You can create adorable heart designs with white and red shades.

Those who love bright colors, must try-out bold and bright red nail color. Floral nail art with soft colors is also a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Show your love to some one special by writing your partner name or famous love quotes on your nails.

There are many popular symbols that are associated with valentine’s day. You can jazz up your nails with these timeless tokens of love.

Design nails with lovely Cupid, Roses, Ribbons and frills, Doves and Love Birds, Hearts, Teddy Bears, Love Knots, Bows etc.

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