Francesco Russo, creative director of Sergio Rossi, presented his Spring/Summer 2011 Collection . The collection was inspired by Amazonian goddesses with a ‘legionaire’ concept, kind of 'warrior women.' Russo was in battle-mode for this collection. He did major things with brass. Hammered brass creates 'heel guards' on many of his highest shoe designs.  The accessories of this collection were inspired for the body. Corset-belts, in hammered brass and tan leather, are moulded like a torso, complete with ribcage effect and a belly-button. Breastplates Metal and leather cuffs came complete with the outline of a wrist bone, while chokers had a collar-bone detail, and a flat python sandal features an ankle-guard, with the outline of an ankle bone
These shoes will give women a feeling of modern manifestation.

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