Cellulite known as orange peel skin is a common women problem. Skin with cellulite loses it`s softness and the skin is wrinkled. At the beginning singe lumbs of fat are gathering on te outer side of thighs. After that they appear at arms, belly and buttocks.

What is the reason of cellulite? The reason is how women web is build under the skin. It's fibres are loose and extensible. That's why fat easily finds a way between them and creates lumbs. Cellulite develops mainly during increased hormone activity in women body - during pregnancy, period or during usage of contraceptive pills.

Your target is a soft skin. The faster you start doing something in that direction the more chances you have to succeed. Here are the steps you have to take in order to fight cellulite.

Change your diet

Your diet should be based on low calorie products rich in fibre, because those kind of foods are increasing metabolism and fat burning. Forget about red meat, sweets, big amount of salt and fat meals. Include more vegetables in your diet, because vegetables are full of fibre.

Our proposal:
Start your day with glass of juice. Drink 2l of mineral water during the day which clears your organism from toxines. Green tea is also good for that. Exchange white bread and rolls with wholemeal bread. Eat fish instead of meat at least 2,3 times a week. Don't drink coffee or alcohol.

Do also some power training on the gym for 2 days a week. Exercises on gym will increase your metabolism permamently. Why? Because they build the muscles and muscles require much more energy, when you are not exercising, then fat. That's why if you have more muscles you will have better metabolism.

Start to exercise

You don't need hard exercises to fight with cellulite. All you need is light movement with average intensity.

Our proposal:
You can start with everyday walk at least for 30 minutes - you could do that even on your way to school or work. If you have more time you can try swimming or bike riding. Both are great for getting rid of cellulite. Do those kind of training at least 3 times a week. Try also fitness clubs. Tell your trainer about your problem and he will prepare some exercises for you.

Use good cosmetics

Cosmetics which decrease the effect of cellulite usually contain some aminoacids and coffeine (they increase the effect of getting rid of fat from cells), algae (they increase the blood flow) or other extracts from plants. Some creams contain fruit acids or enzimes which peel of orange skin. Before you put the cosmetics on yout skin it's good to do a peeling or massage with the glove. Massage should last for at least 15 minutes. You should use anti-cellulite cosmetics twice a day for at least couple of months.

Try hydromassage

You could do that in jacuzzi - it will massage your skin and improve the blood flow under your skin. Your skin will be cleared of toxines, muscles will becomes stronger and more flexible. If you don't have jacuzzi at home you could use it at most of beauty parlours.

Our proposal:

Everyday morning and evening massage your body with shower. Start with warm water and then make it cooler after. Finish the massage with cold water. Remember to start the massage from your feet.

Try professional treatment

If there is no progress after applying steps before you have to consult with specialist. He will assess the level of your cellulite and he will propose adequate treatment for you. You have to account for quite big costs and the fact that treatment can last for a while.

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