Whatever heels you're hankering after this summer, no shoe rack is complete without a pair of walk-friendly flat sandals.
If you want a fiercer shoe than the basic flip-flop look no further than the gladiator, which has survived yet another fashion season. This summer they've been updated with ankle cuffs and heavy embellishments - perfect for work or play.
Jewelled metallic flats and gladiator sandals are some of the hottest shoes around - combine them with summer shorts and t-shirts to work the tribal trend.

Shiekh Cruise-20 Shiekh Carina-05
Shiekh Around-62 Shiekh Around58Shiekh PeacockShiekh Promise-SA
Shiekh JL 104-59Shiekh Expo-08
Shiekh PhillyClassified Decide-H

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