Christian Dior, most famous for its haute couture clothes, handbags, makeup and the bestselling perfume J'adore, is to put its distinctive logo in a more unusual place: eyes. The fashion house has come up with two sets of contact lenses, designed by John Galliano for the Dior Eyes range. The lenses will create the illusion of either a golden or a black ring around the iris. They will also contain a miniature CD logo.
Previously, contact lenses have been the preserve of the short-sighted, those who wanted to change their eye colour, or clubbers who wanted to transform their eyes with bizarre patterns such as tiger's stripes. "These innovative contact lenses don't change eye colours, but rather enhance them with a special technical process exclusive to Dior," said Safilens, the contact lens maker.
  • Each pair lasts for a maximum of two months.
  • The initials CD help identify whether the lens is the right way up.
  • The ring design is said to "encircle the iris and dramatise the eyes.
  • Dior has remained profitable over the last decade while other fashion houses have foundered.
  • The lenses are available in a silver box with a sliding case and mirror.
  • A snip when compared with the label's haute couture outfits.
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