Blumarine collection for Autumn/ Winter 2010/ 2011 includes absolutely fabulous zebra prints that I immediately fell in love with. These black-and-white patterns have been used to make not only dresses, skirts and blouses but also coats, scarves, leggings, handbags, bracelets and even high boots!!! Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!
Besides zebra prints, there were lots of leopard ones that looked beautiful as well. There were no bright hues but blacks and pastels were in plenty.
Designs were peculiar to the brand and included strapless minidresses from light fabrics, some with long flowing trains, warm sweatdresses, stylish leather jackets and trench coats. The most notable detail in the collection was the fringing – everywhere, from skirts to handbags, and crystals embellished on pretty feminine outfits.

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