Jean Paul Gaultier put on a flamboyant display of jungle chic and ultra-luxe gauchos for his Spring 2010 Haute Couture presentation. The fashion was a parade of highly embellished denim, extremely sculpted dresses that looked to be woven out of rainforest flora. The most expensive sombreros in the world were probably found on the heads of the models, as well as fantastical tresses that would make Marie Antoinette sigh with envy. The South American flavored runway saw inspirations from the Aztecs and feathered birds of prey while being serenaded to the sounds of Peruvian soprano, Yma Sumac, and salsa singer, Luis Marino.
The handbags seemed simple in comparison to the sculpted, elaborate hats and dresses. The models carried bags that seemed to be basket-woven from exotic jungle grasses into simple silhouettes. Some were so delicately arranged, it was not clear if these were practical pieces that were actually meant to be sold.


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