As if there weren't enough stars with fragrances, 2010 looks set to be filled with celebrity scent
launches. First up, Beyonce and Eva.

Eva Longoria Parker is launching her new scent, Eva by Eva Longoria, in the US next spring. The Desperate Housewives actress and L'Oreal Paris front woman has spent the last year working with Falic Fashion Group to create the scent.

“I have always been somewhat allergic to all I decided to create my own fragrance that is light, fresh and unique.,” Eva told “I never knew how complicated it was to create a unique scent that hasn’t already been done, but I enjoyed the process,” she added.

Eva by Eva Longoria (edp) will be available in the US from the spring and should be available here later next year.

We also reported, back in September, that Beyonce will be launching her debut fragrance next year. It was rumoured the scent would be called Sasha Fierce, after Beyonce's onstage alter-ego, but instead the perfume will be called Heat. Beyonce revealed to that the inspiration for the name comes from her favourite colours red and gold.

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