Beautiful, well-kept and delicate hands are essential. Hands inform you a number of things regarding yourself. Hands tell you how you guide your life and how you take care of your body and skin. It is whispered that the hands tell you how old a woman is. No matter how older you are, your hands tell an observer a lot regarding yourself as an individual. Dressing up in stylish clothes is of no use if you do not take care of your hands and feet. At the same time as speaking or communicating with others you use your hands to express yourself, emphasize a point etc. Hands play a significant role in communication. Visualize what life would be like without your hands. It is a division of the body that you use the most, you cook with them, get dressed with them, mark with them, empathize with them and shake others hands when you meet them. Take good care of your hands and treat them well as they are necessary for your existence.

Here are few hand care tips:
  • The skin on your hand is thin and delicate; therefore take extraordinary care of them.
  • Moisturize your hands minimum 4 times a day.
  • Make use of your face exfoliator on your hands once a week.
  • Once a week apply your face cream on to your hands earlier than you go to bed.
  • For dry hands later than washing your hands with soap, wet them once more. Pour salt on your hands and after that scrub them under water. Waterless hands and apply moisturizer on them.
  • For greasy hands, later than washing your hands rub cornmeal on them.
  • Wear rubber gloves at the same time as working at home and in the garden.
  • Protect and stop your hands from aging and abuse.
  • Protect your hands from the ravages of changing weather conditions.
  • Defend your hands at the same time as working in the sun.
  • The most excellent way to take care of your hands is to defend them on a daily basis.
How to take care of your nails

It significant to have well nails. The color of your nails is a pointer of your general health. Your nails are a part of your body too so you have to take good care of them. Here are some tips on how to take care of your nails.
* Healthy nails are clear and seem pink in color as an outcome of the blood below them.
* If you wear nail polish on a daily basis then, take them off for a day or two every week, in arrange to let your nails gulp of air.
* Put in shine to your nails by massaging coconut oil or lukewarm castor oil on to them.
* If you do not like nail polish then apply dry soap to your nail and buff or use lemon peel for a similar outcome.
* Dip a cotton-tipped swab in hydrogen peroxide to clean below the nails and whiten them.
* Previous to giving yourself a manicure dip your nails in a cup of lukewarm water with one tablespoon of lemon juice.
* Put your fingertips in 1/2 lemon and twist your finger back and forth to clean the cuticles and nails.

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