Out with the flowy and in with the tight! That’s right this season is all about showing off those sexy curves, and designers are jumping all over this new trend bringing you the hottest and sexiest styles you can imagine.

There isn’t really a set style for what kind of corset dress you should wear just as long as it fits you like a glove- after all, that’s what corset dresses are supposed to do!

Denim corset dresses are very hot right now and even stars are donning the style. Jessica Alba pulls it off nicely with a pair of metallic gold flats.

Satin corset dresses are extremely sexy and elegant, so be sure to snag one as soon as possible. These dresses are great because you can wear them on a night out, or during the day with a jacket or cardigan over it.

So what shoes should you wear with a corset dress? Anything goes, depending on the style. The denim corset dress goes well with flats, wedges, platforms, and any kind of heel including knee-highs.

All other corset dresses should be paired with sexy stilettos and heels as these dresses demand a lot of feminine touches and style.

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