Nail polish is a main part of makeup which make the women more beautiful but some women don’t know that how to apply nail polish properly which give them perfect look. if you want to apply nail polish perfectly so, follow these steps :

1: remove the old nail polish from your nails while using best nail polish remover  like soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover and remove all the traces of the old nail polish and go for only those nail polish remover which don’t contain alcohol or acetone because it make your nails dry.
2: then cut your nails in fine desired shape and length and then while using nail filer cover the rough edges and give them perfect shape which you want to have and then after cutting wash your hand with soap.
3: then dry your hands with towel and apply a layer of base coat on your nails. it is essential because it protect your nails from the harmful chemicals which contain nail polish.
4: leave your nails until your base color will dry then after drying apply the nail polish but before applying the nail polish don’t shake the bottle of nail polish  just mix it in your hands because shaking will make the  air bubbles .
5: open the nail polish and wipe one side of the brush with its edge while doing this extra nail polish will go in the bottle and then start applying nail polish from the mid of your nail and then apply at the side .
6: then after applying the first coat of nail polish then applies the second coat this will make the color appear smooth.
7: now apply the final coat for protection of the color because it will make it last longer and then apply the polish to dry after applying this coat.
8: take a cotton ball and dip it in nail polish remover and remove any messes from the nail sides it will give you cleaner look.
By following these tips you may apply neat and clean nail polish just go for the high quality stuff of nail color to get the best result.

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