You’ll need:

non-toxic gold spray paint (I recommend Krylon)
champagne flutes or wine glasses
painters tape
plastic or ziplock bag
* plastic gloves

It's time to start...

1. Rip off a 6 inch piece of tape. Center the tape over the base of the glassware, rubbing the bottom edge against the glass. Pull the sides up at a slight angle. As long as the bottom edge is taped smoothly, it’s alright if the top edge of the tape ripples or folds.

2. Bring one side of the tape across the middle of the glass. Although the spray paint I used is non-toxic, I tried to keep the outline far below the lip line.
3. Bring the other side of the tape across so the two pieces meet at a point. Tape on a ziplock or plastic bag while still exposing the bottom edge of the tape.
4. Lightly spray multiple and even coats of paint onto the glass from a couple feet away. Be sure to always spray paint outdoors in a well ventilated area. Allow to dry completely before removing the bag and tape.
5 Your gold plated champagne flutes are finished! Remember, these are not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed only.
Voila! Your glasses are renovated!


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