As Part of their “Dragon and Phoenix” collection to celebrate The Year of the Dragon, Piaget has revealed a new pair to their line of “Exceptional Pieces”. On display at Piaget’s Hong Kong boutique, you’ll see the Dragon High Jewelry Secret Watch and the Phoenix High Jewelry Secret Watch. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon symbolizes the Emperor, with power, strength and nobility and the Phoenix represents the Empress, with grace, virtue and prosperity. Few details have been released on the pair, other than the price tag of the Dragon Secret Watch, at $1.72 million! We can expect a similar price for the Phoenix Secret Watch.

The secret is the faces of these watches can be hidden, it’s not apparent with the Dragon piece, but you can see the face hidden and revealed in the first and second picture of the Phoenix piece.
 Check out the photo’s below, along with photo’s of the making of the Phoenix, from Piaget’s Facebook page.


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