In 2012, you continue to find joy in your professional life, dear Leo. Good things come your way, including recognition, whether monetary or "pats on the back". Your reputation, in general, improves this year. Jupiter transiting your career and reputation sector until June is responsible for these things. From June forward, Jupiter highlights a different sector of your chart - your sector of dreams, hopes, ideals, friendships and groups - and these areas of your life expand. If you own a business, this sector also rules income from that business, which should improve in 2012 and 2013. You are likely to make new contacts that bring you joy. You'll take pleasure in reaching out to others, and while Leos do enjoy popularity in general, Saturn's transit of your third house in recent years (and until October of this year) has limited your responsiveness to social contact. Gradually, you'll be more motivated to branch out and network as the year progresses. From October forward, home and family life may become a little burdened or pressured, as the cosmos are giving you the message that it's time to take greater responsibility with family, and to better organize your home life. Uranus travelling in harmony to your sign all year is an uplifting and energizing influence. You're open to experience and adventure beyond the usual routine. Partnered Leos will find that their relationships are evolving. They'll need to avoid suspicion or trying to get others to follow their "script". A long-term influence that cast quite a veil of confusion over your partnership sector ends early this year, and this brings more clarity to your world of committed partnerships. Romance is especially well-starred in March. Some of you could reach new social heights or could experience an enhanced reputation through a romantic association. Old friends can reappear in May and June, possibly complicating life a little! For some Leos, in the second half of the year, friends can introduce you to a romantic partner, or a friendship might even turn into a romance. Making money in 2012 is a stronger ambition than usual, particularly in the first half of the year. It's complicated, but ultimately you're able to improve your lot in life.

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