Your identity crisis, of sorts, continues in 2012, dear Aries, as you fight your way towards a more authentic life path. At times, you will need to slow yourself down and choose your battles wisely. Heavyweight planets are directly affecting the sectors of your chart that rule how the world views you, both professionally and personally, as well as in terms of committed relationships. You are moving away from false paths and relationships that no longer serve you well, or transforming the same into more suitable ones.  It can be stressful at times, most definitely, and the first half of the year requires that you take more time to reassess goals and pay more attention to your health. Romance may be on the back burner until April, as you have much work to do in other life departments. It can become a hot topic in the mind in May and June and yet remain in a state of stalling, and then can really heat up July through September. June brings strong energy for new interests, projects, and learning endeavors. For some of you, professional challenges lead to the need to learn new skills or to take on new projects. Do avoid overloading your plate, however, as your enthusiasm, while wonderful, can also lead you to take on more than you can reasonably handle. Financial boosts are likely in the first half of the year, although spending should be managed well in order for this to last in the long term. Existing projects can enjoy handsome payouts, and some of you could receive special bonuses and other forms of support, in March. Health and fitness are top priorities in the first half of the year. It's also a good time for analyzing how to better approach achieving your goals, both personally and professionally, as you may have reason to believe that recent approaches have been less than successful. Conserve energy for things that truly matter. Career shifts can be sudden this year, especially in June and September, and you will need to be adaptable. More day-to-day contact with friends and family can be healing and pleasurable.


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