Application of Makeup consists of infinite techniques and there’s no doubt that makeup makes us look more beautiful, thus we can give so many looks as much as we want, depending upon the Occasion. But whatever there is no competitive to Colors of Arab. Arabian Makeup is one of the most Inspirational makeup that everyone love to do, because Arabian makeup offers us with a wide variety of makeup techniques and one of the most stunning technique Arabian Makeup offers is, that we can make our eyes look broader and volumized with the intensity of colors and application of liners. Following is the detailed method Including a Video Tutorial that will help you to get the Most beautiful Arabian Makeup Look at home.

All you Need is:

  • Liquid Foundation (any of your Choice)
  • Sticky tape
  • Eyeshadow Application Brushes (ranging from smaller to larger) and a eyeliner Brush
  • Eyeshadows at least of 4 Different Color (Color may vary other then the one’s in tutorial of your own choice)
  • EyeLiner
  • Eyelashes (Optional)
  • Lipstick (Which goes best with your overall makeup combination)

How to:

  • Prepare your Base by applying Liquid Foundation all over your face
  • Apply a Sticky tape to make a proper V of the Eyeshadows corner and to avoid extra dust of eyeshades, so that you don’t have to rub you base again.
  • On your eyes apply any light colored creamy shade that is sticky so that eyeshadows adheres to your eyes, and gives it full intensity of colors and long hold.
  • After application of creamy sticky eyeshadow, Apply the base color lime green eyeshadow color in the inner part of the eye.
  • Continue the application of eyeshadow with Turquoise blue color till the end of your eye by merging the turquoise into the lime green eyeshadow.
  • With the Crease Brush start applying dark purple eyeshadow by over lapping the Lime green and turquoise eyeshadows from above and continue applying dark purple eyeshadow on to the crease of your eyes working from the outside of the eye to inside by smoothly creating Arch Shape for the dramatic effect.
  • Connect the purple eyeshade into V of your eyes starting from the upper outer edge to the lower
  • Blend the Purple color above the crease area of your eyes to avoid any sharp lines of your eyeshadows.
  • Apply highlight shade just below the highest point of your eyebrows to the eyeshadow and blend for merging.
  • Apply the same eyeshadows combination on the lower lid, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.
  • Apply eyeliner with the very sharp pointed ends (as shown in video part)
  • Fill your eyebrows with a lighter color or a black color to get a complete look of your eyes.
  • To neat the skin area under eyes, use a concealer with a foundation brush.
  • Apply mascara to define Lashes or you can apply eyelashes for a more depth look of your eyes
  • Apply blush-on and then apply a bit of shimmer to your cheek bones.
  • At the end now you can apply Lipstick.
  • For further detailed application and uses of different Brushes for the Arabian Makeup, check out the video Tutorial to achieve the best look of your Arabian Makeup.

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