It`s really important to do what you like, to do it with passion, to enjoy what you do. And it is also nice to receive positive responses about your work. Victoria Beckham knows this better than anyone else. She was never good at singing and people liked to note that. Now, being a fashion designer she no longer hears or reads negative comments about results of her work. She is respected and can be proud of what she has achieved. A couple of years ago she focused on designing of dresses only. When she felt she could do it well she decided to expand her growing empire and launch a line of handbags. This is her first collection (Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012) for you to judge.

The handbag collection by Victoria Beckham presented as a part of Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012  fashion season looks very pretty. Classic shapes, saturated colors, chic materials – Victoria created pieces she would wear herself with the dresses in her ranges. Very beautiful, elegant, versatile and practical.

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