The ultimate union of High Jewelry and Haute Couture pays homage to Monsieur Dior’s favorite flower, the Rose. The collection features 12 unique pieces that evoke the image of blooming women attending a ball in their most beautiful gowns.
Personified and dressed in their most exquisite finery, these flower-women, each bearing the name of a 1950′s ball gown, are preparing themselves for one of those extraordinary evenings.

” The petals of these Dior roses are delicate fabrics with all the softness of satin while the stones with which they are set are the glorious embroideries embellishing them. I wanted to pay the greatest attention to the details on the linings which reveal an ultra-refined underside and hidden stones. I have imagined opulent Jewelry where stones are set with other stoned until they evoke the most luxurious embroidered fabrics.” ~~Victoire de Castellane

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