Giorgio Armani, the famous designer brings his new makeup collection for Spring 2011 named as ‘Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Transluminence Collection.’ This amazing Armani makeup collection plays with bright colors on eyes for dramatic look and light pink hues on lips and cheeks.

Hollywood bombshell Megan fox is the face of Giorgio Armani Transluminence Collection. Giorgio Armani Transluminence Collection for Spring 2011 includes Transluminence Eye Palette ($58.00), Transluminence Face Palette ($49.00) and Rouge d’Armani ($30.00).

Transluminence eye palette is great for good eye make that includes green, purple, grey and silver shades. Enhance your features combining radiant shades on a classic smokey eye. Transluminence face palette is a muted rose with peachiness. It is smooth, high quality and good for everyday looks.

Rouge d’Armani lipstick is available in three hues i.e dawn pink, early morning rose and petal pink. It is subtle, long-wearing and comfortable to wear. In short, Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Transluminence Collection is a must-have for coming season

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