Get ready for a feminine, colorful and flirty Spring Summer 2011 fashion trend. It is Butterfly Print Fashion Trend. For spring 2011 season many designers and brands including Blumarine, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Gwen Stefani, Loewe, Carlos Miele took inspiration from Butterflies and it seems to be the new emblem of Spring 2011 women’s fashion.

Butterflies symbolize many things in different cultures- it is reminder of ephemerality of life as well as hope of resurrection; freedom and the confidence that follows. But for Spring 2011 season, it symbolize, Beauty, Femininity and Color power.
Blumarine Spring 2011 butterfly prints

Spring 2011 fashion shows flaunted many promising trends for colorful season ahead that were all about nature. Designers took inspiration from deep jungles of Africa, beaches, gardens, flowers and every element from water to fire, from butterflies to zebra stripes.

Animal prints are always a part of every season, be it spring fashion trend or fall fashion trend. But for Spring 2011, Butterfly print has emerged out of lots of animal prints in a great way. Blumarine Spring 2011 collection was all about animal prints fashion and most attention grabbing were butterfly print dresses and gowns flaunted on runway.
Loewe Spring 2011 Collection

Loewe Spring 2011 collection presented women’s clothing adorned with butterfly prints as well as butterfly scarf print inspired by the house’s Madrid archives that is perfect for women or a girl.
Carlos Miele Spring 2011 Collection

Carlos Miele Spring 2011 program notes explained “Few creatures embody the state of being carefree as perfectly as the ever-flitting butterfly,” Show featured butterfly printed silk T-shirt paired with high-waisted pants as well as many butterfly print gowns.
Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 belts

John Galliano, Gwen Stefani, Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection were also full of butterfly prints. Butterfly fashion has begun to flutter not on clothes but has also spread its magic on shoes, hair clips, bags and other accessories.
Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2011 Collection presented many women’s style adorned with butterfly print as well as butterfly adorned footwear. Talking about butterfly accessories, Marc Jacobs butterfly-ish belts, Loewe butterfly scarf, Alexander Mcqueen butterfly footwear were attention grabbing.

Buttterfly theme was seen in many fashion shows that would definitely be a part of your stylish spring wardrobe. So, get ready to don this colorful Spring 2011 fashion trend that will make you stand out and look amazing.

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