Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Collection by Sarah Burton turned out to be a great collection for which Sarah got lot of accolades. She came out with a collection for spring season which was in every way attention grabbing, be it clothes, styling, accessories or shoes.
Spring 2011 Alexander McQueen women’s shoes in particular were spectacular and it is proof of the heiress’ talent. Burton furthered McQueen’s vision with footwear that are wearable and are unique in their own way. From carved platforms, feather platforms to leather booties, collection looked must have for colorful season.

Numerous breathtakingly stunning Spring 2011 footwear were flaunted that were every inch brilliant and classy. Head turning Alexander McQueen shoes included butterfly-covered sandals, gold, square-toed, hobnail boot with hand-carved “iris” heels, ankle boots adorned with gold buckles that were as per McQueen standards.
Talking about most artistic shoes of collection, it was elaborately constructed metal sandals that featured painted leather butterflies covering the front of the foot and heel comprising of stacked butterflies.

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