There’s something about d’Orsay pumps that I really, really love, and I think Valentino does the style beautifully. I think I may have mentioned before that I’m on a mission to find some stellar heels fit for holiday parties, and that includes browsing my favorite labels. Valentino is way up there on my list, and with shoes like these drop dead gorgeous Peep-Toe Lace Couture d’Orsay Pumps ($885 at Saks), it’s easy to see why.
I have a thing for lace shoes anyway. There’s something so fanciful about them; they are so delicate, so feminine and dainty, that they make me feel that way by association. I always feel more elegant myself when I’m wearing lace pumps, and these are just such a gorgeous example of the style.
The lace is Italian, just to tempt you a little more, with a lovely floral design intermingling with the mesh. The bow on the toe is made of the same material, and it is absolutely the perfect accent. The silhouette is totally d’Orsay. You can tell this is one of those pumps that will deepen the arch of your foot and, in so doing, accentuate the pretty curves of your legs. Don’t worry, though: the insole is padded, giving some comfortable cushion.

Specs-wise, the heel is covered and measures 4 and ¼ inches, or 110 millimeters, while the platform is only ¾ of an inch, or 20 millimeters. So, all told, with the platform and all, the heel ends up being comparable to something at about 3 and ½ inches.
Valentino is so good with lace, don`t you think? I’d love to see more d’Orsays out there, what about you? How do you feel about the style?

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