Celebrities do the shoots all the time. So we decided to compile a list of Top 10 Hottest female celebrities in lingerie. There are photos from ad campaigns, magazines, and other shoots. Be the first to know about the Top 10 Hottest female celebrities in lingerie.
Let see them...

Evan Rachel Wood has this duality about her. She can play both romantic young girls and sexy and seductive cold-hearted creatures.

Milla Jovovich has an amazing body. She seems ageless. Jovovich is no stranger to modeling, so she knows how to make the most of  her outfit in the shoot.

Charlize Theron looks perfect in anything you put on her.

Eva Mendes is a true bombshell. She is charming, beautiful and sexy. Mendes has done couple of Calvin Klein’s ad campaigns as well as a commercial that was banned in 2008 for its racy content.

Mad Men sweetheart January Jones looks super hot and slim in this black basque with suspender straps and sequined brief.

Eliza Dushku is super hot in this strapless black bodysuit with gray belt and visible seams.

Olivia Wilde is on the go now. Movies and appearances alternate by photoshoots and more movies.

Summer Glau is a sci-fi queen. She’s super talented, sweet and sexy.

Alison Brie can play sweet neurotic students and sweet controlling wives of 60s, but let those images not fool you. Brie is a sexy confident and talented woman.

And the first place goes to Christina Hendricks, absolutely stunning actress. She mostly plays independent confident even manipulating women yet she seems uber-sweet.

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