One of the things Lady Gaga is famous for is her unique vision of fashion. Now that she's known all over the world, she's determined to leave a mark on the fashion industry, by collaborating with people like Philip Treacy and Steven Klein.

Gaga's hats are really striking, that's why she is going to assist the industry's most famous hat designer, Phillip Treacy. She wants to learn lots and continue surprising people with her styles.
She wants to do a number of pieces with the designer, and though nothing is confirmed yet, he seems to have taken her up on the offer. It looks set to be a mutually-beneficial deal: a learning experience for Gaga and a marketing strategy for Treacy.
Meanwhile, Gaga has confirmed that Steven Klein, one of fashion's most influential photographers, created her new videoclip 'Alejandro'. Gaga wants to stay close to the fashion industry - and we'll continue to follow her projects closely...

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