Lawsonia inermis powder is one of the best remedies for hair care. It can be used for various purposes, such as hair dyeing, treatment, and therapy. The mixture of henna pasta and other
ingredients will make your hair shine and gentle as if you have visited the beauty salon.

Henna is a powder derived from dried leaves of Lawsonia alba. In the East it is traditionally used for hair dyeing, for seborrhea sicca treatment, for hair strengthening and improving hair growth, for hair loss treatment. Henna is a natural product, it nourishes hair, and does not contain chemical compounds (ammonia, oxidants or other harmful substances), as opposed to chemical dyes.

You may also use essential oils, herbs and milk whey together with lawsonia powder when dyeing your hair with henna. Damaged or decolorized hair is dyed intensively as a rule; it doesn’t worth dyeing your hair if it is permed or grey. After dyeing your hair with henna you shouldn’t have your hair permed or use chemical dyes for a long period. The results could be unpredictable.

Depending on your hair length, you will need 1-3 bags of henna powder, a towel, a large brush, a small ceramic bowl, some cream, rubber gloves, plastic cap or plastic bag for hair dyeing. You must remember that the dye should be applied on clean and wet hair. The procedure of dyeing itself approximately lasts for 1,5-2 hours (you should rather make a test on one lock before dyeing all your hair, it could help to determine accurately how much time henna could remain on your hair to achieve the desired color). Henna is not a chemical remedy; it takes time to fix well on hair. But the result will exceed your expectations.

Fill henna powder with boiling water in ceramic bowl, then put it on steam bath and boil the mixture to a thick cream condition. There should not be flakes in henna. It is better to start dyeing with your neck. Then apply the dye on your temples and on top of your head; in conclusion dye all your hair length. Ensure henna does not hit on your skin.

After you've dyed the hair, massage it to make henna cover it evenly. Wrap your head with plastic pellicle or packet, put a roller from cotton-wool on your forehead from the hairline; and then cover your head with towel.

After the time of dyeing is over, you should rinse your hair properly. Rinse your hair until the water flowing from them is absolutely clear. After dyeing your hair becomes pretty and has beautiful color, it shines healthy and becomes more dense and luxuriant. In addition henna creates special layer for hair protection.

Red secrets
Before applying on your hair you may add jojoba or burdock oil to henna powder dissolved in boiling water. It leads to double effect: a dye covers your hair evenly thanks to oils; at the same time it strengthens the hair roots. Also, in order to achieve the synergies you may dissolve henna not with boiling water but with hot whey, which would make your hair shine and smoothness.
Vegetable oil can also neutralize the excessive color brightness. You should warm up a bit of vegetable oil (preferably on a steam bath) and rub it into dyed hair carefully. Wait until your hair becomes dry, and wash it with shampoo. Repeat the procedure if the result is not noticeable.
Henna is used to fade. But do not use henna more often than once in a period of two months. You could get a reverse effect from frequent use of henna: your hair may become dull. If you want to refresh a dyeing, do it using henna rinse. Dissolve 1 package of henna in 1L of boiling water (you can change the proportions, depending on hair length). Filter the mixture carefully; then cool it and rinse your hair with it.

Beautiful colors
You can get almost all most fashionable hues from flame-red to bright brown using henna. If you want to have got a deep chestnut color on dark hair, add 1-2 tablespoons of instant coffee.
And if you prefer colors of bordeaux, dissolve henna powder in hot beetroot juice but not in water. Henna also can help you to become a brunette: mix henna with basma in equal proportions to rich this effect. Basma is a dyeing powder extracted from leaves of indigo.
To achieve more interesting colors mix henna powder with such decoctions. Chamomile decoction (chamomile gives hair a wonderful golden hue) lime flowers decoction (you will get brown hue), onion skin decoction (a warm color of brown or purple, if onion is blue), buckthorn, calendula, tansy decoctions (you’ll get yellowish color options), or juice of elder-berries decoction (violet-red, purple colors) or raspberry decoction (red hues).

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