The latest launch of Viktor &Rolf is a delicious pear sorbet, juicy, green, sweet, uncomplicated and easy. Compared to Victor &Rolf style and their heavy bombs, this one is pure minimalism, very close to the forbidden line of fruity shampoo scents. But unlike other l'Oréal creations, there is some decency inside this perfume, created like a genuine abstract of all trends in the young area (see D&G Anthology). In Eau Mega (Viktor & Rolf) the pear is hyper realistic (almost a flavor note), but pleasant, sweet, musky and not acid, though there is a lot of lemony notes around. It is very soon followed by a white bouquet, almost exotic frangipanni-tiaré-jasmin sambac delicate and powdery.

The watery note and the idea is not far from A Scent (Issey Miyake), but the notes here are less sophisticate and more fruity powdery (and Not galbanum) with a watermelon effect like the transparent perfumes of the 90's. It is said to evoke the rain and the water and indeed it does. It is the morning shower with clean lily of the valley and creamy musks and not the rain in nature with J'Adore drops. I like the start of Eau Mega (Viktor &Rolf) but very soon (about an hour) it starts to fade into a very common clean scent found in all peony fresh shower gels made after Pleasures and D&G Light Blue. Only if the fruity green sambac jasmine was in a greater concentration. The problem of the perfume is not the idea but the price. In Eau Mega (Viktor & Rolf) you really feel the l'Oréal policy against recession - cheaper concentrates and not enough money given to perfumers. With more money and a more daring brand, this formula would have been a great introduction this fall.

Eau Mega is not a revelation, but an easy scent from Viktor &Rolf for uncomplicated teenagers with small budgets in a house with a green Ö de Lancôme bottle.
Main official ingredients for Eau Mega Viktor & Rolf: green notes, basil, violet leaf, pear, peony, jasmine, lemon primiofore Italy, cedar, cashmeran, sandalwood, white muscs.

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  1. Well,I agree about the problem of the perfume is not the idea but the price,but if you ask me the important for me is the quality even it is expensive or not as long as its stay longer. :)


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