We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our mood and energy levels, but sometimes a hectic lifestyle and a few late nights can catch up with us. A lack of sleep can also show on your skin, leaving it dull and grey looking. The first thing you notice after a late night (or early morning) is in the fragile skin under the eyes, which can develop bags and appear puffy. During the night your skin is restored from the effects of daily stress, and a good night’s sleep can improve the texture and luminosity of your skin.

 1. "Tired", Prematurely aging skin (25-40 years)
Here are a few tips for improving slumber deprived skin, allowing you to get on with life looking as fresh as a daisy:

*30 minute workout.
You might not feel like it but 30 minutes burst of exercise can really get skin glowing. Improving circulation and getting blood pumping around the body will not only improve the appearance of skin in the short term, but regular exercise will give long-term benefits to the skin and body too. 

Invigorate your skin.

Wake up your skin and your senses with products containing menthol.
Scrub away tiredness.

Exfoliating the skin two or three times a week will banish dead skin cells which can leave skin looking dull and tired.
Keep it cool.

A soothing eye gel is a must for anyone who has late nights, whatever the reason. If caught without an eye gel, try raiding the kitchen for cool cucumber slices or camomile teabags to use as an eye mask for a similar effect.
Light up your skin.

No matter what you have been up to the night before, a good, light reflecting moisturiser will make skin look bright, radiant and glowing.

Skin Ceuticals Renew Overnight Dry ( For Normal or Dry Skin ) 60ml/2oz
Skin Ceuticals Renew Overnight Dry ( For Normal or Dry Skin ) 60ml/2oz

 Nighttime skin-refining moisturizer. Formulated with extracts of aloe, chamomile and evening primrose oil. Hydrates and nourishes skin. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .10% hydroxy acid blend gently exfoliates skin. Leaves a radiant and healthy complexion.

Biotherm Nutrisource Highly Nurturing Rich Cream ( For Dry Skin ) 50ml/1.7oz
Biotherm Nutrisource Highly Nurturing Rich Cream ( For Dry Skin ) 50ml/1.7oz

Contains concentrated power of ceramides. Plus 4 ultra-pure oils rich in biological lipids for hydration. These lipids quickly penetrate into epidermis without greasiness. Also contains pure extract of Thermal Plankton. Helps soothe and comfort skin. Leaves skin soft smooth and supple. 

Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 50ml/1.7ozMedium-weight emollient moisturizer with patented polypeptide. Incredibly improves skin firmness hydration and clarity. Helps stimulate collagen production brighten skin tone and combats free radicals. Offers high protection against damaging UV rays . Prevents appearance of signs of aging . Contains no artificial fragrance or color. Ideal for mature and prematurely aging skin.

Clarins Cleanser, 200ml/6.7oz Toning Lotion - Oily to Combiantion Skin for WomenRemoves any last race of cleanser. Helps balance skin Purifies skin, tightens pores. Helps normalize surface oils .Promotes a matte finish. Refreshes and tones skin.

Biotherm Day Care, 50ml/1.69oz Aquasource Non Stop - Oligo-Thermal Fluid ( N/C Skin ) for WomenNon-greasy lotion enriched with a patented hydrating complex. Provides exceptional moisturizing action to revitalize skin. Pure concentrate of mineral-rich. Thermal Spring Water improves skin texture. Contains sunscreen to protect face against harmful.

Estee Lauder Day Care, 50ml/1.7oz Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Lotion SPF 15 ( Normal/ Combination Skin ) for Women This highly effective formula with exclusive ExtremeLift³ Complex empowers your skin to look more lifted and more contoured-faster than ever.
The rich blend of long-lasting moisturizers with super-energized nutrients relieves uncomfortably dry skin and creates a fresh, rejuvenated glow instantly. A gentle SPF 15 sunscreen provides effective broad-spectrum protection.
More lift. More radiance. More moisture. Now your skin can have it all.
Already a Resilience Lift lover?
Clinical testing proves Resilience Lift Extreme firms skin's appearance up to 2X faster than original Resilience Lift.
How to use: Apply to face AM after cleansing and after applying your anti-aging/repair formula and eye creme as desired.

Clinique Night Care, 50 ml Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer ( Combination Oily to Oily Skin ) for WomenThis moisturizer offers lasting protection for skin in daytime. Contains unique blend of eight anti-oxidants.
 Provides a rapid & delayed-release anti-free radical action.Keeps skin strong to fight against external aggressors.Prevents visible signs of aging andformation of dark spots.Follows with a sunscreen product.

2. Wrinkles and dry lines  (35-50years)
Dry, flaky skin? The good news is you’re not alone. A third of British women describe their skin as ‘dry’, meaning that it can feel sensitive, rough and itchy.
Cold air contains 30% less moisture than warm air, stripping the skin of moisture and causing cracking, flaking and irritation. Keep skin nourished throughout winter by switching to a richer moisturiser for that extra protection
Summertime can also be perilous for dry skin sufferers. Dry aeroplane cabins, changes in climate and chlorinated pools can all take their toll on your skin. Use an intensive moisturiser with an SPF to ensure your skin stays soft and supple.
Facial skin is amongst the thinnest on your body so treat it with care. Use a mild, non-drying cleanser and a long-lasting moisturiser, and indulge in a moisturising face mask once a week.
Licking lips frequently dries them out. Use a lip moisturiser alone or under your lipstick to keep lips plump and moist. 

Streamline showers. Each time skin is washed important moisture evaporates further drying out the skin. The best defence is to take shorter, less steamy showers and baths
Look after your hands. Keep hands looking gorgeous and young by keeping a good hand cream on your desk or in the bathroom to make sure hands are protected at all times.

Clarins Night Care, 50ml/1.7oz HydraQuench Rich Cream ( Very Dry Skin or Cold Climates ) for WomenUltra nourishing and moisturizing cream.
Quenches skin with intense moisture.
Keeps skin hydrated throughout the day.
Protects skin from extreme climatic condition.
Leaves skin smooth, soft and comfortable.

Clarins Cleanser, 200ml/6.8oz Water Comfort One Step Cleanser w/ Peach Essential Water ( For Normal or Dry Skin ) for WomenGently and effectively removes light makeup and impurities.
Contains softening and soothing properties.
Instantly revitalizes and comforts skin.
Rinsing is not needed.
Leaves skin clean, clear, smooth and supple.

Clarins Night Care, 50ml/1.7oz Super Restorative Night Wear ( For Very Dry Skin ) for WomenReplenishes and revitalizes skin throughout the night. Lightweight and quickly penetrates into skin. Gives skin exceptional comfort. Soothes nourishes skin for lasting hydration. Brightens skin with a subtle optical effect. Leaves skin velvety smooth.

Clarins Night Care, 30ml/1.06oz Super Restorative Serum for Women

A super restorative serum treatment. Helps boost skin's natural production of collagen. Instantly minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Visibly refines your beautiful facial features. Leaves skin looking perfectly radiant and  smooth. Suitable for mature skin.

Lancome Night Care, 75ml/2.5oz Nutrix Royal Fluid for WomenThis fast absorbing lotion instantly relieves tightness. Softens fine, feathery lines caused by dryness. Enriched with Royal Jelly, replenishes skin for intense hydration.Protects skin from effects of climate and seasonal changes.Leaves skin velvety smooth, supple and comfortable. Suitable for dry to very dry skin.

Darphin Day Care, 50ml/1.6oz Arovita C Line Response Fluid ( For Normal to Combination Skin ) for Women
Vitamin-enriched lotion helps promote a youthful look. Reduces and prevents appearance of first signs of aging. Boosts production of skin natural collagen. Protects skin against external aggressors. Leaves skin smooth, supple and radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

Lancaster Day Care, 50ml/1.7oz Aquamilk Absolute Moisture & Protection Fluid for WomenThis lotion offers ultra hydration, nutrition & anti-aging benefits.Precious plant-milk complex with healthy ingredients moisturize and nourish skin.Honey extracts seal in moisturizers and nutrients for lasting hydration.

3. Totally "crushed" - dryness, wrinkles, spots.... 
As the skin ages and sometimes after negative emotions and stress life, the skin loses its natural firmness and elasticity, becoming thinner and dryer and leading to fine lines and wrinkles. With new skin cells taking longer to develop, and dead skin cells building up faster, skin often appears dull, uneven and splotchy. Mature skin types therefore need more specialized skin care products to help increase collagen production, exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce age spots and help skin appear more hydrated and luminous.

Step 1: Cleanse

Wash your face with an anti-aging facial cleanser like Pure Radiance Revitalizing Cleanser, which contains ingredients like Lumitone, allantoin, glycerin and lactic acid to help increase skin cell growth, remove dead skin cells, and brighten and hydrate skin.

Step 2: Hydrate

Draw moisture back into the skin with intensive day and night creams. Use a protective face moisturizer in the morning, like Cellular Day Defense with SPF 15, and a night face moisturizer like Night Recovery Complex or Time Restore Firming Serum to help skin repair and rejuvenate overnight.

Step 3: Rejuvenate Problem Areas

Lancome Nutrix Royal Cream ( Dry to Very Dry Skin ) 50ml/1.7oz
Lancome Nutrix Royal Cream ( Dry to Very Dry Skin ) 50ml/1.7oz

This rich non-greasy cream instantly relieves tightness. Softens fine feathery lines caused by dryness. Enriched with Royal Jelly replenishes skin for intense hydration. Protects skin from effects of climate and seasonal changes. Leaves skin velvety smooth supple and comfortable. Suitable for dry to very dry skin .

Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream w/ Age-Inhibitor Complex ( For All Skin Types ) 50ml/1.7oz
Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream w/ Age-Inhibitor Complex ( For All Skin Types ) 50ml/1.7oz

 A powerful anti-aging cream. Contains a new age-inhibitor complex. Reinforces collagen and skin to preserve moisture and elasticity. Prevents formation of lines and wrinkles. Calms and soothes skin even the sensitive skin. Leaves skin velvety smooth supple  and youthful. To use: Apply morning or night on cleansed skin.

Clarins Night Care, 2x15ml Total Double Serum for Women
Age-control anti-wrinkle extra-firming skin care. Contains  concentration of plant extracts. Supports hydration nutrition oxygenation protection and revitalization. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin firm and gentle.

Clarins Night Care, 50ml/1.7oz New Extra Firming Night Cream ( All Skin Types ) for WomenAn innovative formula to target skin-ageing concerns of women over 40. Boosts skin renewal and skin firmness. Helps slow down skin-ageing process effectively. Overnight skin is effectively rebalanced and revitalized. Leaves skin feeling softer, smoother, supple and fresh on next day. Perfect for all skin types.

Clarins Night Care, 2x15ml Double Serum Generation 6 Extra-Firming Botanical Intensive Care for WomenAn ultimate age-control, anti-wrinkle, extra-firming skin care. Contains effective concentration of plant extracts. Supports hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and revitalization . Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin firmer, younger looking  and more radiant.To use: Apply to face and neck before regular day or night cream.

Lierac Day Care, 40ml/1.3oz Hydra-Chrono Anti-Aging Hydration Refreshing Fluid for WomenThe aqua-pump technology combines with moisturizing agents.The matte-effect ingredients give skin-perfecting results. Helps recover the dull skin.Reactivates the natural hydration process.Plumps up the skin for feeling perfectly hydrated and smoother.

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